What type of sod do you need?

Sod Farm

Standard Blend – Most popular choice.

Three-way blend of Kentucky Bluegrass. Used in most all lawn applications, and on recreational athletic fields, where it will receive at least four (4) hours of direct sunlight every day.

Shade Blend – Tall Fescue or Special Blend of Bluegrass.

Used in shaded areas that still receive some sun throughout the day.

Super Shade Blend – Fine Fescue and Bluegrass Mixed.

Used in area that only receives “filtered sun.”

Sports Field Use.

Super-Blend of the most aggressive, low-growing, and strongest Kentucky Bluegrass Sod Varieties. Grows best in full-sun, with regular irrigation and maintenance.

Are you ready to install your sod as soon as it arrives?

Big Roll SodDepending on the outside temperatures, the “shelf-life” of Turfgrass Sod can be as little as 24 hours from the time it was harvested. This means, by the time you get your sod on your installation site, you might have as little as 6 hours to install it (or at least un-stack the pallets) before irreversible damage sets in.

Do you have the necessary tools, supplies, and labor on hand?

Stop by our office and check out our new line of sod related tools and supplies. We offer the same tools used by our installation crews for sale at our office. We also offer the same seed that we grow our sod with and the fertilizer that we use to feed it.

Assuming the area has already been prepared, you can generally figure on the following needs:


  • Steel Rake
  • Flat Spade or Sharp Knife
  • Water Hose and Sprinkler
  • Hand-Tamper or Lawn Roller
  • Wheel Barrel and Flat Shovel for Clean-up


  • Water
  • Fertilizer
  • Crabgrass Control (during spring and summer months)


  • Experienced Labor – One (1) person per 5,000 sq.ft. per day.
  • Inexperienced Labor – One (1) person per 2,000 sq.ft. per day.