Field Maintenance ServicesWe use the highest quality materials and state of the art equipment. Hummer takes the same approach to maintenance as we have to field construction and sod growing for over 40 years. Quality and attention to detail matters!

Hummer Turfgrass believes that field maintenance is just as important as the initial construction. Our Turf Managers have degrees and extensive backgrounds in the latest turf maintenance practices. We work closely with clients to establish a program that meets their needs and budget.

Our services include:

  • Cultural Practices: Aeration, Linear decompaction, Topdressing, Core harvesting
  • Turf Management & Agronomic Services: Soil testing, Custom fertility programs, Irrigation system management, Athletic field pest control
  • Turf Establishment: Grow-in maintenance, Overseeding, Disc seeding, Primary seeding
  • Another less disruptive aeration option is solid tine aeration. This option promotes air exchange while minimizing surface disruption. The hole spacing and tine size can be modified for the specific needs of the field or the preference of the field manager.