The most exciting part of the new machine for Hummer is the ability to provide Fraze Mowing services to our clients. While the concept of Fraze Mowing is relatively new in the USA it has been extensively used on many of Europe’s top soccer pitches. The concept is fairly simple, the top layer of the field is removed with the Koro and hauled off the field with Turf Tire Dump Carts. The material that is removed during the Fraze Mowing process can include thatch, organic matter, poa annua and other weak grasses. These types of materials are typically the cause of problems for field managers. Mechanical removal of undesirable material, as well as, the smoothing of the surface can greatly improve the playability of the field without a complete renovation. This is the second Koro Field Topmaker for Hummer Turfgrass Systems, the original machine purchased in 1999 was the first one in the USA.

Upenn Fraze Mowing