• Laser Box

    Laser grading is an essential part of any renovation or construction project. It ensures that there is an accurate and precise surface, even and consistent run-off, and a safe playing surface for athletes. All of our grading equipment is equipped with flotation turf tires or wide tracks to minimize surface compaction. The addition of the Topcon Millimeter GPS allows us to reach the final grade faster and to tighter tolerances.

    Laser Box Grading
    Laser Box Grading
  • Skid Loader Box

    Our wide track skid loader can attach to our laser grading box blade. This machine allows us to get into corners that are otherwise difficult to grade as well as pushing out bulk materials such as infield mix or warning track materials.

    Skid Loader Box
  • Dozer

    The dozer is also equipped with automatic laser grading technology. It is used during the initial shaping of renovation projects or new construction. The dozer can also be used to push bulk materials, such as rootzone sand, anywhere on the job site.

    Dozer Laser Grading