• Dakota Topdresser

    Topdressing is the process of applying material over turf using a low, ground pressure tractor and topdresser. Even and accurate application of the topdressing is critical to surface smoothness. The other benefit of topdressing is the breakdown and dilution of the turf thatch layer.

    Dakota Topdresser
    Dakota Topdresser
  • Core / Solid Tine Aeration

    Core aeration is critical on high traffic sports fields. The tines are hydraulically driven and remove cores of soil and thatch from three to four inches deep. The holes created by the aerator allow for increased air movement in the soil as well as increased turf rooting.

    Core Aerator
  • Core Harvester

    Core harvesting is a process where aeration cores are removed from the field following core aeration. This process is critical on sand based field systems or on fields with large amounts of thatch accumulation. The harvesting process can be tied in with an aeration or topdressing operation.

    Core Harvester
    Core Harvester
  • Sprayer

    Our dedicated turf maintenance sprayer can be contracted for specific applications or for full year maintenance programs. The sprayer is easily transported on our trailers to any site. Tyson Cain is a certified spray technician and oversees all turf maintenance.

  • Vertiquake

    The rotary blades of the Vertiquake cut cleanly through the soil to create linear de-compaction. As the blades cut they create a wave action that shatters compaction and opens up the subsoil. This machine has a 10 inch working depth with little surface disruption.