• Pick Up Trucks and Trailers

    Standard pick-up trucks and duallys allow for easy mobilization and hauling. Our versatile trailers can be seen locally or on national job sites. These are used heavily for our maintenance services.

    Pick-Up Truck with Trailer
  • Job Trailers

    These hard to miss trailers serve as a mobile operations base for job sites.

    Hummer Job Site Trailer
  • Tractor Trailers

    Company owned tractors are used to haul sod and equipment to any site. Since they are company owned and easily accessible it allows us to mobilize quickly for emergency repairs.

    Hummer Tractor Trailer
    Hummer Tractor Trailer
  • Dump Trucks

    Used to haul equipment to job sites or spoils away from them, these trucks are used on a daily basis during the excavation process.

    Hummer Dump Truck