• Wizz Wheel

    The Wizz Wheel is a specialized trencher capable of digging narrow drainage trenches over existing grass or bare soil. All materials are conveyed directly into Turf Tire Dump Carts.

    Wizz Wheel
    Wizz Wheel
  • Sand Injector

    The injector places and compacts sand or gravel all in one pass. This machine ensures there is no contamination of materials during the backfilling process.

    Sand Injector
  • Turf Tire Dump Carts

    Used for many purposes, the Turf Tire Dump Cart has high flotation tires which allow it to move over surfaces without disruption or compaction. This piece of equipment is used during the installation of the Sand Grid Drainage System, to haul spoils from the Koro Field Top Maker, and to move materials on the job site.

    Turf Tire Dump Carts
  • Tender

    The tender is used to convey materials into the sand injector during the installation process. This machine ensures seamless, clean installations of drainage materials.