• Straw Blowers

    The straw blower is used to blow straw over seeded ground in an even manner to conserve soil moisture during germination. The blower is mounted on our custom designed flotation tire wagonsand pulled with a turf tire tractor to minimize soil compaction.

  • Hydro Mulchers

    Also referred to as a Hyrdo Seeder, this machine is used to apply hydro mulch and tacking agent. This process holds the straw and soil in place during seed germination. The deck gun allows us to cover large areas and work from the edges of the field. The machine is equipped with turf tires and can be pulled with a turf tire tractor if entering the field is necessary.

    Hydro Seeder
  • Seeders

    There are a variety of seeders available for any soil or field condition including bare or existing grass.