• Sod Installers

    Our fleet of rubber track installers can install sod quickly while maintaining the highest quality standards. Our equipment is designed to prevent disruption of the finished surface or compacting the surface. Big Roll Sod Installers at Hummer Sports TurfOur fleet of big roll installers are capable of installing an entire football field in one day. The installers are equipped with rubber tracks to prevent compaction and surface disruption during installation.

    Sod Installers
    Sod Installers
  • Floatation Tire Forklift

    An important part of our installation process is our flotation tire forklifts. The large tires prevent compaction when moving across field surfaces and allow movement on areas that could not be reached by conventional forklifts.

    Floatation Tire Forklift
  • Rollers

    The final step of any sod job is using a roller over the surface. The ability to have a roller at every job site helps emphasis a smooth playing surface and also to ensure no air pockets exist between the sod and soil.