Sod can be installed at any time of year. As long as the area to be sodded can be prepared, sod can be laid.


Laying sod in SpringThe most popular time to install sod for homeowners and landscapers. Sod installed during the cool spring temperatures requires little irrigation during and after installation.


Sod installed during the summer months will require more water than other times of the year. Sod is a viable option because of the small success rates of summer seeding. A readily accessible water source is recommended for the first 3 weeks after installation.


Also a popular time for sod installation. Fall installations require only a fraction of the irrigation that summer installs do. Late fall projects greatly benefit from sod because the colder temperatures make it harder to grow grass from seed.


Many people do not realize that sod can be laid during the winter months. Sod installed during the winter months will root by spring time, this is a result of soil temperature and warm days. Sod does not require any watering over the winter.