The Turfgrass sod that we offer consists of seed varieties that have been created and tested to resist disease, tolerate drought, and thrive in the northeast and mid atlantic regions. We use only gold tag, certified seed to grow our sod so that the final product that our customers receive is healthy and weed free. We only use reel type mowers to cut our sod, this produces a cleaner cut than rotary type mowers and allows us to cut lower, producing a dense turf. This is the care we take to provide our customers with a quality product that sets us apart.

  • Kentucky Bluegrass

    Sporting Valley bluegrass sod consists of a blend of 3 hybrid Kentucky Bluegrass varieties bred for their resistance to disease and aggressive growth habit.

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  • Tall Fescue

    Sporting Valley Tall Fescue sod consists of 90% turf type tall fescue and 10% hybrid Kentucky bluegrass. Turf type tall fescue features a narrower texture leaf blade than traditional Kentucky 31 tall fescue.

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